Matamanoa - Matamanoa Island, Fiji

Weddings, Honeymoons & Other Celebrations

  • Weddings at Matamanoa

Matamanoa Island Resort is an ideal place to celebrate those special occasions whether it be a wedding, honeymoon, special anniversary, birthday or just a family and friends getaway!

  • Weddings at Matamanoa
  • Weddings at Matamanoa
Matamanoa Island
Matamanoa Island, Fiji
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Matamanoa Island Resort

Relax and let the warmth of the sun caress your body, so you too can feel a warm breeze drift over you. You will hear the water lapping on the white soft sand forever transforming the patterns, then silence. The scent of the ocean is the last sense to render you a blissful rest. Lasting memories are about to be made. We welcome you to Matamanoa Island Resort.