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Our Veidomoni Spa was designed with the utmost respect and appreciation for the natural beauty of the island. Combined with nature, we have created a physical environment that reinforces our spa's connection to the earth. Operated by Senikai Spa, an award winning company with international standards, you will be well pampered. Relax upon arrival in the open-air lounge with a cleansing foot ritual, immerse yourself in the tranquility of lush tropical surroundings with panoramic sea views, cleanse your mind with a unforgettable spa package.

All arrivals receive a 10 minute complimentary spa foot ritual

Download Senikai Spa's menu below: 

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Complete your spa pamper with a tropical guava juice accompanied by Fiji’s crystallized ginger.

Visit our Spa for a personalized consultation.

Our Senikai spa therapists will help you select the most therapeutic spa experience.

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Matamanoa Island
Matamanoa Island, Fiji
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Matamanoa Island Resort

Relax and let the warmth of the sun caress your body, so you too can feel a warm breeze drift over you. You will hear the water lapping on the white soft sand forever transforming the patterns, then silence. The scent of the ocean is the last sense to render you a blissful rest. Lasting memories are about to be made. We welcome you to Matamanoa Island Resort.